Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ethnocultural arts organization?

We define ethnocultural arts organization to mean a nonprofit organization that preserves, promotes and/or develops, as evidenced from its mission statement, programming, or both, the culture(s) of one or more explicitly identified ethnic group through the arts. We define the arts to mean the visual arts, dance, music, theater, film, and the humanities (e.g., storytelling and poetry). In the Canadian context, we include organizations referred to as Aboriginal and culturally diverse, in addition to other ethnocultural groups.

To facilitate the needs and supports assessment of the research component of the project, we focused on the incorporated nonprofit organization in the US and the registered charity in Canada. In omitting unincorporated/unregistered arts activity, the project team is conscious of the depth of perspectives and information that have not been included in the formal research for the project. It is our hope, however, that Plural serves as a gateway for additional interest in, and support for, all ethnocultural artistic activity.


What do you mean by support systems/structures?

Drawing from the 2003 Boston Foundation’s report on arts service organizations, we define support systems/structures to mean arts organizations providing the following services: (i) advocacy/policy-related action (e.g., political monitoring, lobbying); (ii) contracted/group services (e.g., health insurance, volunteer business services and referrals); (iii) convening & networking (e.g., conferences offering opportunities to build networks, share best practices, and learn about the arts sector); (iv) education and training (e.g., professional development); (v) financial support (e.g., grants and scholarships); (vi) information & research (e.g., artist directories, peer benchmark information); and (vii) promotion & audience development (e.g., marketing, public education).

We primarily focused on arts-related services provided by organizations dedicated to serving ethnocultural arts organizations.


How are project findings being disseminated?

Plural’s research findings have been collated into a report/artist book that is being disseminated across three channels: electronic, print, and public presentations. We are distributing the book primarily in electronic format by sending PDF copies to stakeholders that were identified through the research process (ethnocultural arts organizations, arts service organizations, funders, and academics). The book is also freely available for download on this project website and may be available on other websites. As an alternative to the electronic version, we have prepared a limited number of print copies for free distribution to stakeholders. Please contact us if you would like a print copy of the book.
Members of the project team have publicly presented on the project process and preliminary findings at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in May 2013, at The Association of American Cultures Open Dialogue conference in August 2013, and at other events. Following the book’s public release, we will be exploring additional presentation opportunities.